Healing Record Leaderboard

# User Value Overall Last 2 Weeks
1 Avatar of Pleinair, The Immovable Pleinair, The Immovable 9,999,999 46h 11m 0h 0m
2 Avatar of TheDunadan TheDunadan 277,335 377h 49m 0h 0m
3 Avatar of Sb Sb 66,689 2109h 32m 0h 0m
4 Avatar of ♥Seiculla♥ ♥Seiculla♥ 63,727 3672h 27m 0h 0m
5 Avatar of Doctor Lemon Doctor Lemon 59,673 2799h 10m 0h 0m
6 Avatar of MsArcticFoxy MsArcticFoxy 58,386 548h 7m 0h 8m
7 Avatar of Kyle Kyle 57,843 2055h 24m 0h 27m
8 Avatar of nÆøn nÆøn 56,098 2349h 32m 0h 0m
9 Avatar of Krel zhe Partially Insane Medic Krel zhe Partially Insane Medic 54,151 574h 20m 0h 0m
10 Avatar of Ʀ.Ξ.Ϝ.Ł.Ξ.Ҳ. Ʀ.Ξ.Ϝ.Ł.Ξ.Ҳ. 53,444 3067h 42m 27h 52m
11 Avatar of Q3Cloud Q3Cloud 52,821 3982h 49m 0h 8m
12 Avatar of Batman Batman 50,943 2054h 20m 0h 0m
13 Avatar of Repsychled Trash Repsychled Trash 49,603 1042h 8m 13h 41m
14 Avatar of Nine♥Four♥Ten Nine♥Four♥Ten 48,993 2928h 32m 5h 11m
15 Avatar of YamiYami YamiYami 48,644 4305h 3m 0h 0m
16 Avatar of |ZEC| Danny043 |ZEC| Danny043 47,492 1288h 27m 0h 0m
17 Avatar of Bards Bards 45,154 3263h 54m 0h 44m
18 Avatar of Floppa Floppa 42,597 716h 3m 0h 0m
19 Avatar of よぴこ よぴこ 42,135 1844h 10m 0h 12m
20 Avatar of D D 41,238 6210h 52m 30h 57m
21 Avatar of Chalenor Chalenor 41,171 1408h 46m 0h 3m
22 Avatar of thaliff thaliff 40,933 2564h 43m 23h 6m
23 Avatar of SneakyAngels SneakyAngels 40,783 2457h 6m 0h 0m
24 Avatar of STILES STILES 40,596 1764h 37m 0h 0m
25 Avatar of TomeKing TomeKing 40,178 621h 19m 0h 0m
26 Avatar of .l.O.o.l. .l.O.o.l. 40,013 2424h 38m 0h 0m
27 Avatar of BloodSoul BloodSoul 39,223 1456h 22m 0h 0m
28 Avatar of B. B. 38,175 2419h 14m 0h 0m
29 Avatar of unusual.tftrade.rupёs unusual.tftrade.rupёs 38,059 629h 12m 0h 0m
30 Avatar of adi_a12 adi_a12 37,919 616h 13m 0h 0m
31 Avatar of ALLEN ALLEN 37,882 1611h 44m 0h 0m
32 Avatar of CoffeeCigaretteCurse CoffeeCigaretteCurse 37,708 2730h 4m 0h 0m
33 Avatar of Taylyn Taylyn 37,509 2574h 54m 0h 0m
34 Avatar of ⛧⸸Legiãoanticristo⸸⛧ ⛧⸸Legiãoanticristo⸸⛧ 37,451 484h 49m 0h 0m
35 Avatar of Cirno ➈ Cirno ➈ 36,570 2900h 7m 0h 0m
36 Avatar of DoC DoC 35,851 4307h 7m 0h 0m
37 Avatar of Subzero89 Subzero89 35,093 3691h 3m 10h 44m
38 Avatar of Pilvi Pilvi 34,971 319h 3m 3h 4m
39 Avatar of $Ki尸PeR $Ki尸PeR 34,884 730h 21m 0h 0m
40 Avatar of Sola Sola 34,427 828h 29m 0h 0m
41 Avatar of ♡Soapbubble(。・ω・)ノ♡ ♡Soapbubble(。・ω・)ノ♡ 34,059 1752h 49m 0h 0m
42 Avatar of ExtozyA ExtozyA 33,779 1148h 4m 0h 0m
43 Avatar of SerethiaKueter SerethiaKueter 33,771 1536h 38m 0h 5m
44 Avatar of Rinlayt Rinlayt 33,479 1628h 49m 22h 17m
45 Avatar of DjohnKiller DjohnKiller 33,336 1034h 13m 9h 5m
46 Avatar of Shaenix Shaenix 33,131 2557h 11m 0h 0m
47 Avatar of bartekblaszke bartekblaszke 33,030 1060h 56m 0h 22m
48 Avatar of Laureate Candy Laureate Candy 32,020 790h 42m 0h 0m
49 Avatar of Kman2999 Kman2999 32,009 4059h 6m 45h 47m
50 Avatar of PRO_D1GL100 PRO_D1GL100 31,898 2454h 37m 0h 0m
51 Avatar of Campbell Campbell 31,784 640h 50m 0h 0m
52 Avatar of Wicked Grasp Wicked Grasp 31,565 3549h 6m 7h 15m
53 Avatar of Deltaleader .:[W.U.R.S.T.]:. Deltaleader .:[W.U.R.S.T.]:. 31,546 1004h 22m 0h 0m
54 Avatar of [PAF] PoliceDom [PAF] PoliceDom 31,232 9228h 17m 41h 28m
55 Avatar of ☣☣[VN] Passive Menis☣☣ ☣☣[VN] Passive Menis☣☣ 30,847 2072h 39m 0h 15m
56 Avatar of Laku Laku 30,807 954h 49m 0h 0m
57 Avatar of ich seh nix ich seh nix 30,743 720h 48m 0h 0m
58 Avatar of Jenny XJ-9 ???? Jenny XJ-9 ???? 30,710 897h 0m 4h 3m
59 Avatar of ReMilly ReMilly 30,435 2029h 50m 3h 8m
60 Avatar of Dragon Tail Dragon Tail 30,323 578h 26m 2h 38m
61 Avatar of Tree. Tree. 30,263 396h 31m 0h 0m
62 Avatar of 貓叉Master 貓叉Master 30,149 2921h 23m 0h 42m
63 Avatar of QuickSalad QuickSalad 29,574 2186h 5m 58h 55m
64 Avatar of Abyss Of Horror Abyss Of Horror 29,298 1481h 36m 0h 0m
65 Avatar of [RUS] NonStopA [RUS] NonStopA 29,263 134h 1m 0h 0m
66 Avatar of Vector Vector 29,166 1015h 44m 0h 0m
67 Avatar of Sevirman Sevirman 28,993 1270h 52m 0h 0m
68 Avatar of SARRA SARRA 28,883 163h 7m 0h 0m
69 Avatar of Cr@ckerJ@ck (PERÚ) Cr@ckerJ@ck (PERÚ) 28,743 2485h 26m 0h 0m
70 Avatar of Spike Rus Spike Rus 28,553 2553h 29m 4h 38m
71 Avatar of Kanelbulle Kanelbulle 28,525 543h 42m 0h 0m
72 Avatar of Ain Ain 28,137 939h 9m 0h 0m
73 Avatar of Arks Isildur Arks Isildur 27,954 2976h 18m 1h 51m
74 Avatar of wombo wombo 27,605 274h 56m 0h 0m
75 Avatar of Auwing Auwing 27,603 2003h 12m 0h 0m
76 Avatar of SkyL3R SkyL3R 27,554 1086h 45m 1h 27m
77 Avatar of Hitaki Hitaki 27,528 597h 3m 8h 5m
78 Avatar of Mark-James Mark-James 27,440 1027h 59m 0h 0m
79 Avatar of Bongo Bongo 27,213 1518h 48m 29h 50m
80 Avatar of Nulloxis Nulloxis 27,022 3320h 32m 0h 0m
81 Avatar of Super Dickmans Fat Nuts Super Dickmans Fat Nuts 26,966 598h 38m 0h 0m
82 Avatar of Brand212 Brand212 26,790 2911h 27m 2h 18m
83 Avatar of den Dokter Schmerz den Dokter Schmerz 26,623 3503h 51m 16h 0m
84 Avatar of Verda Verda 26,260 1093h 5m 13h 33m
85 Avatar of Canarias Canarias 26,194 888h 9m 7h 53m
86 Avatar of manulio manulio 26,017 447h 42m 0h 0m
87 Avatar of dynames001 dynames001 25,878 5024h 49m 0h 14m
88 Avatar of ✨ 静 Blué Lλmbd4 穏 ❄ ✨ 静 Blué Lλmbd4 穏 ❄ 25,790 2812h 0m 0h 0m
89 Avatar of zachjd zachjd 25,753 2949h 18m 0h 0m
90 Avatar of Paper Muffin Paper Muffin 25,710 1002h 57m 0h 0m
91 Avatar of dandyboy66 dandyboy66 25,501 4461h 17m 2h 8m
92 Avatar of Silencio69 Silencio69 25,349 1572h 48m 0h 5m
93 Avatar of Delinquent Delinquent 25,243 1183h 46m 0h 6m
94 Avatar of Grinless Cat Grinless Cat 25,112 961h 51m 0h 0m
95 Avatar of LordiAnders LordiAnders 25,102 1033h 18m 0h 0m
96 Avatar of Star_Inferno Star_Inferno 24,927 166h 37m 0h 0m
97 Avatar of HeavyTitty HeavyTitty 24,824 140h 26m 0h 0m
98 Avatar of Ashnikko Ashnikko 24,735 756h 33m 0h 0m
99 Avatar of Ene Ene 24,517 143h 34m 0h 0m
100 Avatar of DEAD_MIX DEAD_MIX 24,483 4406h 2m 20h 22m