Policy Information 

KF2 Stats will store usernames, friends and game related data for caching reasons. The data will not be further used for advertising or by a third party.

This service will abide the users privacy preferences set in their Steam profile. Changes will occour within the next update.

This service is not affiliated with Valve, Steam or any of their partners.

 Stored Data 

  • User Name & Vanity Name
  • Privacy preferenece (Public or non-public profile)
  • Owned game status (KF2 only)
  • Playtime (Overall and Last Two Weeks)
  • Achievements
  • Stats (Such as: Perk Levels, Perk Skills, Kills, ...)
  • Friends


§1 Legal

This is a fan made service, the author of this service is not and does not claim to be affiliated with Valve or Tripwire Interactive. Use of this service is free of charge, the author does not charge for any kind of premium access on this service. The service is not created to aim for monetary gain.

§2 Internal content

The content of this service was created for non-commercial use only. Even known it was created with care, the up-to-dateness can not be guranteed. Content that infringes present law will be removed once it becomes known to the author

§3 External Links

This service may contain links to third parties, namely "external links". The content of these sites might not be controlled or created by the author. When added, those links were not in conflict with actual law. The author can not assume any liability for the completeness, accuracy or contents of these sites. However, if any infringements come known, the links in question will be reviewed and removed if necessary.

§4 Copyright

If any content available within this service infringes your copyright, please contact the author for removal of the content in question. In case you want to use any image, code or text created by the author of this service, make sure to contact them first.

 Used images
  • Background
    Killing Floor 2 Steam Profile Background
  • Favicon
    Killing Floor 2 Steam Client Icon
  • KF2 Perk-Icons, Map-Images and Talent-Icons
    In-Game Killing Floor 2 assets by Tripwire Interactive
  • Error Page Image
    Original Cat Mashiro
 Used libraries, software and services