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Zeds Killed Leaderboard

# User Value Overall Last 2 Weeks
1 Avatar of Belzec Belzec 5,599,503 1921h 44m 13h 35m
2 Avatar of Krim Son Krim Son 4,332,084 2499h 22m 72h 31m
3 Avatar of CODENAME 187 CODENAME 187 2,142,506 4882h 10m 70h 12m
4 Avatar of Rolek (Ger) Rolek (Ger) 2,044,881 4709h 24m 64h 39m
5 Avatar of Kota Kota 1,772,314 4006h 15m 22h 43m
6 Avatar of Fulgore Fulgore 1,720,556 4167h 27m 69h 43m
7 Avatar of alf alf 1,697,245 3981h 51m 29h 51m
8 Avatar of H U N ナ E R H U N ナ E R 1,609,499 5324h 29m 42h 13m
9 Avatar of VicMorrow VicMorrow 1,572,827 3042h 35m 30h 55m
10 Avatar of Rebel Without a Pause Rebel Without a Pause 1,561,036 4844h 38m 98h 23m
11 Avatar of tizeY tizeY 1,480,370 2964h 15m 0h 51m
12 Avatar of eRa eRa 1,461,012 3074h 41m 14h 41m
13 Avatar of Q3Cloud Q3Cloud 1,454,659 3219h 10m 71h 55m
14 Avatar of Mr. BEAN Mr. BEAN 1,453,273 3314h 29m 65h 6m
15 Avatar of mystia mystia 1,453,267 3947h 55m 35h 1m
16 Avatar of JEMzor JEMzor 1,378,823 2555h 20m 36h 29m
17 Avatar of zachjd zachjd 1,330,897 2906h 34m 0h 0m
18 Avatar of Shotgun Hobo Shotgun Hobo 1,302,258 2830h 40m 25h 21m
19 Avatar of {SS}_Jim236 {SS}_Jim236 1,298,228 3840h 58m 49h 42m
20 Avatar of 餐云卧石任此生。丶 餐云卧石任此生。丶 1,282,183 3286h 59m 38h 28m
21 Avatar of om3g4_z3r0 om3g4_z3r0 1,236,249 2802h 47m 2h 13m
22 Avatar of yo76disjoncte yo76disjoncte 1,204,241 2283h 15m 36h 22m
23 Avatar of GoRE 0f W4R GoRE 0f W4R 1,196,383 2240h 52m 47h 23m
24 Avatar of Gorodetsky Gorodetsky 1,192,831 3018h 8m 35h 51m
25 Avatar of €VIL €VIL 1,178,798 3919h 18m 94h 22m
26 Avatar of 714d 714d 1,176,002 4627h 38m 24h 25m
27 Avatar of petri petri 1,154,120 3046h 18m 66h 30m
28 Avatar of [Z.E.T.]-SparKle- [Z.E.T.]-SparKle- 1,129,808 2447h 55m 0h 0m
29 Avatar of TrickShot TrickShot 1,116,469 2603h 0m 20h 37m
30 Avatar of ☣AL ☣AL 1,111,909 3166h 7m 44h 6m
31 Avatar of mbnq mbnq 1,104,589 3260h 28m 92h 28m
32 Avatar of Kuchen Party Kuchen Party 1,087,855 2335h 59m 23h 38m
33 Avatar of RapiStSKiLLeR2K RapiStSKiLLeR2K 1,083,215 3309h 40m 31h 25m
34 Avatar of Sourveid Sourveid 1,049,207 1932h 53m 3h 48m
35 Avatar of dandyboy66 dandyboy66 1,049,071 4230h 32m 2h 59m
36 Avatar of HappyWitch HappyWitch 1,033,783 3161h 22m 56h 14m
37 Avatar of FiB. BOLSONÁCULA 17 FiB. BOLSONÁCULA 17 1,021,476 1998h 3m 11h 25m
38 Avatar of Mkol Mkol 1,020,032 1414h 38m 28h 13m
39 Avatar of 死のストーカー 死のストーカー 1,019,830 2807h 51m 0h 11m
40 Avatar of blackonion6pk blackonion6pk 1,016,957 2428h 5m 51h 34m
41 Avatar of Dr.Lin Dr.Lin 1,000,978 2328h 50m 75h 42m
42 Avatar of Mr. Sexy Sac Basket Mr. Sexy Sac Basket 994,947 4383h 54m 54h 49m
43 Avatar of dqddi dqddi 988,069 2453h 2m 70h 16m
44 Avatar of S@NCHO S@NCHO 987,180 2584h 13m 0h 29m
45 Avatar of Path Path 983,951 2512h 4m 16h 49m
46 Avatar of PoliceDom PoliceDom 983,852 5325h 10m 94h 15m
47 Avatar of Phoreal Phoreal 972,441 2783h 26m 3h 58m
48 Avatar of Evelynn Evelynn 955,977 1969h 21m 30h 19m
49 Avatar of Scary Scary 953,301 2827h 40m 28h 37m
50 Avatar of BAADF00D BAADF00D 944,766 2424h 47m 27h 7m
51 Avatar of 翔鶴太太 翔鶴太太 935,887 2543h 32m 34h 53m
52 Avatar of DoC DoC 925,517 2646h 24m 44h 22m
53 Avatar of bluntman420 bluntman420 919,921 2412h 55m 12h 11m
54 Avatar of RUVER RUVER 919,379 4550h 59m 14h 10m
55 Avatar of -`ˏ✨ℙℓ∪tìα -`ˏ✨ℙℓ∪tìα 913,686 2404h 13m 62h 16m
56 Avatar of toge toge 906,727 2986h 23m 1h 21m
57 Avatar of I CAN DO ANYTHING I CAN DO ANYTHING 904,132 1749h 40m 27h 30m
58 Avatar of Lomb@ Lomb@ 902,375 2598h 27m 0h 0m
59 Avatar of CrazyDutchman CrazyDutchman 882,980 2281h 41m 45h 10m
60 Avatar of NORRRRRRR NORRRRRRR 875,587 1690h 36m 38h 1m
61 Avatar of Kamizzzu Kamizzzu 873,818 2305h 7m 28h 36m
62 Avatar of Mitejutor Mitejutor 872,941 1867h 9m 42h 50m
63 Avatar of Pierro Pierro 871,361 2598h 5m 36h 19m
64 Avatar of ☭ Alastor ☭ ☭ Alastor ☭ 871,295 1774h 9m 41h 39m
65 Avatar of Hery Hery 868,050 3238h 29m 99h 14m
66 Avatar of YOUR MOTHER YOUR MOTHER 860,957 2209h 9m 42h 36m
67 Avatar of Pinkman Pinkman 848,306 1702h 2m 12h 1m
68 Avatar of 惡幼女 惡幼女 847,765 2742h 20m 40h 24m
69 Avatar of D_K@L [FR] D_K@L [FR] 845,287 3649h 43m 51h 51m
70 Avatar of Snypr18 Snypr18 833,418 1523h 16m 13h 43m
71 Avatar of Tokisaki Ivan Tokisaki Ivan 829,248 1877h 7m 25h 13m
72 Avatar of こ雲淡風輕ζ YUN こ雲淡風輕ζ YUN 826,054 3683h 43m 111h 34m
73 Avatar of Scuddles Scuddles 825,140 2016h 27m 10h 21m
74 Avatar of BXBabuinator of Dunces BXBabuinator of Dunces 814,509 1668h 55m 49h 24m
75 Avatar of S3NT1N8L S3NT1N8L 814,314 2243h 53m 7h 40m
76 Avatar of FiB. Reive FiB. Reive 813,961 2920h 19m 4h 52m
77 Avatar of S5yn3T S5yn3T 813,825 1433h 27m 35h 51m
78 Avatar of Angel & Demon Angel & Demon 810,597 2076h 7m 28h 25m
79 Avatar of BatYsaU BatYsaU 809,616 2697h 27m 27h 16m
80 Avatar of Machine`♥ Machine`♥ 802,248 4445h 31m 135h 25m
81 Avatar of 3R1NN3 3R1NN3 800,905 2956h 3m 62h 54m
82 Avatar of 笺笛 笺笛 800,891 1752h 17m 8h 50m
83 Avatar of Denis Denis 800,742 2280h 14m 5h 26m
84 Avatar of dktkdgus3 dktkdgus3 797,785 1814h 47m 3h 50m
85 Avatar of B. B. 796,894 2106h 15m 0h 0m
86 Avatar of Xezor Xezor 788,233 1062h 55m 9h 21m
87 Avatar of dkdlzmf0 dkdlzmf0 787,309 1631h 28m 45h 42m
88 Avatar of Verdori Verdori 787,234 2084h 35m 3h 1m
89 Avatar of ✨RyuViL✨ ✨RyuViL✨ 784,722 5680h 52m 8h 16m
90 Avatar of Uncle Albert Uncle Albert 784,187 1818h 0m 16h 8m
91 Avatar of Inf3RnaL Inf3RnaL 782,475 1742h 24m 46h 56m
92 Avatar of Pumba Pumba 781,126 2063h 58m 34h 31m
93 Avatar of Master Chief Master Chief 777,235 1891h 50m 17h 34m
94 Avatar of Rookie Rookie 775,063 1609h 38m 23h 22m
95 Avatar of Flash Gordon Flash Gordon 773,872 1502h 58m 2h 59m
96 Avatar of SirSneakyS SirSneakyS 772,079 1683h 24m 45h 8m
97 Avatar of A Wild Magikarp A Wild Magikarp 766,365 2331h 15m 17h 36m
98 Avatar of Up Up 761,816 1628h 47m 42h 17m
99 Avatar of ♰︎ Reyson Fox ♰ ♰︎ Reyson Fox ♰ 761,772 4962h 47m 60h 53m
100 Avatar of rebeLdanceR rebeLdanceR 757,669 2050h 11m 24h 58m