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Last 2 Weeks Playtime Leaderboard

# User Overall Last 2 Weeks
1 Avatar of {SS}_GuestMachine {SS}_GuestMachine 10303h 16m 301h 41m
2 Avatar of 小炒肉好吃不啦[CN] 小炒肉好吃不啦[CN] 3698h 34m 286h 50m
3 Avatar of Sterben | GunTheR Sterben | GunTheR 2897h 55m 264h 56m
4 Avatar of Bag full of Crabs Bag full of Crabs 3594h 45m 264h 38m
5 Avatar of ̩̥͓͔͒ ̩̥͓͔͒ 6324h 40m 239h 25m
6 Avatar of KittyEvil KittyEvil 1205h 59m 237h 8m
7 Avatar of z3n0xyd3 z3n0xyd3 16992h 49m 182h 27m
8 Avatar of Clearly Clearly 188h 24m 181h 45m
9 Avatar of hubrex hubrex 4068h 21m 179h 3m
10 Avatar of crowley crowley 744h 1m 175h 53m
11 Avatar of Ace of Aids Ace of Aids 691h 25m 173h 47m
12 Avatar of Krim Son Krim Son 2006h 36m 168h 25m
13 Avatar of MELLOW MELLOW 1633h 8m 166h 20m
14 Avatar of kuroneko♥ kuroneko♥ 728h 1m 157h 24m
15 Avatar of Demonssa Demonssa 2715h 24m 155h 21m
16 Avatar of 〓 iZnoGouD 〓 iZnoGouD 912h 50m 152h 50m
17 Avatar of Moraito Moraito 1345h 42m 147h 49m
18 Avatar of Taylyn Taylyn 2076h 22m 145h 17m
19 Avatar of Suncter Suncter 393h 43m 141h 50m
20 Avatar of Bongo ® Bongo ® 415h 22m 139h 45m
21 Avatar of Profane Profane 241h 59m 137h 30m
22 Avatar of T-72 T-72 1246h 46m 136h 59m
23 Avatar of 帅到被怪追着砍 帅到被怪追着砍 1473h 22m 132h 39m
24 Avatar of ^bhsn ^bhsn 322h 3m 125h 45m
25 Avatar of Silencio69 Silencio69 1091h 16m 122h 48m
26 Avatar of CrazyDutchman CrazyDutchman 1674h 39m 118h 31m
27 Avatar of ✨RyuViL✨ ✨RyuViL✨ 4986h 23m 117h 14m
28 Avatar of auto auto 709h 36m 116h 45m
29 Avatar of *HC* |GoA| SkyWalker *HC* |GoA| SkyWalker 171h 58m 112h 49m
30 Avatar of icyspecter icyspecter 127h 11m 112h 23m
31 Avatar of BATMAN BATMAN 684h 27m 109h 56m
32 Avatar of Q3Cloud Q3Cloud 2856h 35m 109h 20m
33 Avatar of CODENAME 187 CODENAME 187 4224h 52m 108h 28m
34 Avatar of Lyric Lyric 135h 59m 104h 15m
35 Avatar of $.Ma$teRRRR $.Ma$teRRRR 980h 11m 101h 43m
36 Avatar of chengzombie chengzombie 561h 48m 101h 30m
37 Avatar of Dave Bluetista Dave Bluetista 1721h 41m 101h 9m
38 Avatar of StaTraK StaTraK 1049h 3m 100h 10m
39 Avatar of MQSeries MQSeries 979h 8m 99h 1m
40 Avatar of ellie✿ ellie✿ 617h 47m 98h 18m
41 Avatar of Fauxy_ Fauxy_ 2305h 43m 98h 15m
42 Avatar of OneDerp OneDerp 509h 9m 97h 30m
43 Avatar of Professor Chaos Professor Chaos 2369h 5m 97h 21m
44 Avatar of 120288 120288 455h 33m 97h 6m
45 Avatar of [DNR]Duck [DNR]Duck 327h 14m 92h 0m
46 Avatar of WC3 Player WC3 Player 178h 37m 90h 47m
47 Avatar of Plague Plague 245h 16m 90h 20m
48 Avatar of DEAD_MIX DEAD_MIX 1794h 43m 89h 19m
49 Avatar of ♠♥蒂花之秀♦♣ ♠♥蒂花之秀♦♣ 1057h 22m 88h 54m
50 Avatar of Hollow Squad Hollow Squad 284h 10m 88h 22m
51 Avatar of Domi Domi 2279h 39m 87h 20m
52 Avatar of \_O< Rico601 \_O< \_O< Rico601 \_O< 4368h 19m 86h 32m
53 Avatar of ★ PuteKiller ★ ★ PuteKiller ★ 257h 39m 84h 50m
54 Avatar of Emperor of Rice Emperor of Rice 1605h 24m 84h 36m
55 Avatar of Vincent 'Vic' Doggts Vincent 'Vic' Doggts 781h 17m 83h 45m
56 Avatar of yao_yue yao_yue 169h 5m 83h 44m
57 Avatar of 表情(~ ̄▽ ̄)~ 表情(~ ̄▽ ̄)~ 1611h 39m 82h 27m
58 Avatar of Neko Neko 748h 42m 80h 52m
59 Avatar of LightSensitive LightSensitive 322h 44m 80h 48m
60 Avatar of 绳命是鲁此的辉煌 绳命是鲁此的辉煌 692h 33m 80h 40m
61 Avatar of acute angle acute angle 472h 54m 79h 44m
62 Avatar of Holod OS Holod OS 1474h 50m 79h 28m
63 Avatar of pillule59 pillule59 755h 21m 78h 58m
64 Avatar of `DevourUall `DevourUall 78h 15m 78h 4m
65 Avatar of B l u e b e r r y P o p t a r t B l u e b e r r y P o p t a r t 77h 43m 77h 43m
66 Avatar of Iowa Iowa 1281h 35m 77h 43m
67 Avatar of Olws Olws 931h 54m 76h 15m
68 Avatar of Biochemterrorist Biochemterrorist 2336h 41m 76h 9m
69 Avatar of V9 V9 157h 17m 74h 29m
70 Avatar of Kaminari_FR Kaminari_FR 955h 40m 74h 24m
71 Avatar of MrFailology MrFailology 607h 8m 73h 41m
72 Avatar of uLtimA who? uLtimA who? 1525h 56m 73h 27m
73 Avatar of 'EreVos 'EreVos 585h 3m 71h 26m
74 Avatar of il_gal il_gal 3549h 21m 71h 20m
75 Avatar of Rage Rage 1552h 36m 71h 12m
76 Avatar of Rom@n DeaD™ Rom@n DeaD™ 3483h 16m 70h 52m
77 Avatar of vector7 vector7 500h 55m 70h 39m
78 Avatar of Ezze Ezze 72h 36m 70h 20m
79 Avatar of † Desu Reptillion † † Desu Reptillion † 1341h 46m 69h 39m
80 Avatar of OG-SO OG-SO 966h 11m 69h 2m
81 Avatar of Brav♂ Brav♂ 689h 15m 68h 46m
82 Avatar of Fulgore Fulgore 3707h 17m 68h 37m
83 Avatar of GoRE 0f W4R GoRE 0f W4R 1909h 22m 68h 30m
84 Avatar of petri petri 2508h 56m 67h 17m
85 Avatar of Sophisticated Penguin Sophisticated Penguin 751h 3m 66h 54m
86 Avatar of Baddot1996 Baddot1996 894h 0m 66h 42m
87 Avatar of BXBabuinator of Dunces BXBabuinator of Dunces 1407h 12m 66h 34m
88 Avatar of %AppData% %AppData% 115h 24m 66h 32m
89 Avatar of Simrock Simrock 1073h 14m 66h 29m
90 Avatar of Zerounti Zerounti 1106h 11m 66h 21m
91 Avatar of Yammisay. Yammisay. 1388h 5m 65h 26m
92 Avatar of taki taki 467h 8m 65h 18m
93 Avatar of Cali Cali 2084h 1m 64h 38m
94 Avatar of Feline Sith Feline Sith 632h 55m 63h 24m
95 Avatar of NumbNuts2 NumbNuts2 1651h 6m 61h 54m
96 Avatar of It's Only Smellz It's Only Smellz 351h 36m 61h 47m
97 Avatar of DeezKa DeezKa 756h 16m 61h 39m
98 Avatar of zachjd zachjd 2852h 39m 61h 37m
99 Avatar of FKY FKY 555h 44m 61h 23m
100 Avatar of MEL MEL 472h 56m 61h 2m