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Zeds Killed Leaderboard

# User Value Overall Last 2 Weeks
1 Avatar of Belzec Belzec 5,525,909 1775h 50m 16h 54m
2 Avatar of Krim Son Krim Son 4,264,221 2006h 36m 168h 25m
3 Avatar of CODENAME 187 CODENAME 187 1,808,724 4224h 52m 108h 28m
4 Avatar of Rolek (Ger) Rolek (Ger) 1,803,529 4164h 19m 53h 21m
5 Avatar of Kota Kota 1,654,962 3786h 15m 29h 26m
6 Avatar of ℍ U ℕ ナ E ℝ ℍ U ℕ ナ E ℝ 1,577,621 4873h 18m 60h 47m
7 Avatar of alf alf 1,558,250 3698h 20m 46h 31m
8 Avatar of Fulgore Fulgore 1,525,571 3707h 17m 68h 37m
9 Avatar of tizeY tizeY 1,452,810 2919h 30m 0h 0m
10 Avatar of \_O< Rico601 \_O< \_O< Rico601 \_O< 1,429,374 4368h 19m 86h 32m
11 Avatar of eRa eRa 1,411,113 2987h 22m 24h 52m
12 Avatar of VicMorrow VicMorrow 1,366,221 2705h 41m 54h 10m
13 Avatar of zachjd zachjd 1,329,797 2852h 39m 61h 37m
14 Avatar of Q3Cloud Q3Cloud 1,298,921 2856h 35m 109h 20m
15 Avatar of 快给长者续一秒 快给长者续一秒 1,285,345 3669h 36m 25h 48m
16 Avatar of =(^.^)=  E-R4yZ =(^.^)= E-R4yZ 1,283,112 3138h 53m 30h 30m
17 Avatar of JEMzor JEMzor 1,193,932 2250h 58m 45h 46m
18 Avatar of om3g4_z3r0 om3g4_z3r0 1,177,488 2671h 0m 44h 22m
19 Avatar of {SS}_Jim236 {SS}_Jim236 1,108,644 3438h 30m 44h 30m
20 Avatar of 餐云卧石任此生。丶 餐云卧石任此生。丶 1,104,468 2938h 10m 19h 5m
21 Avatar of m>=h>, m>=h>, 1,086,692 2798h 21m 18h 55m
22 Avatar of ASH ASH 1,083,756 3602h 26m 45h 20m
23 Avatar of [Z.E.T.]-SparKle- [Z.E.T.]-SparKle- 1,068,115 2332h 20m 19h 54m
24 Avatar of 714d 714d 1,065,695 4350h 48m 40h 11m
25 Avatar of Gorodetsky Gorodetsky 1,053,435 2715h 18m 33h 13m
26 Avatar of dandyboy66 dandyboy66 1,011,831 4110h 27m 3h 18m
27 Avatar of FiB. 84GH33R4_9R0593R FiB. 84GH33R4_9R0593R 996,368 1955h 48m 30h 33m
28 Avatar of GoRE 0f W4R GoRE 0f W4R 992,307 1909h 22m 68h 30m
29 Avatar of Neetyash Neetyash 977,931 2345h 20m 37h 16m
30 Avatar of petri petri 969,944 2508h 56m 67h 17m
31 Avatar of mbnq mbnq 969,009 3003h 39m 0h 0m
32 Avatar of S@NCHO S@NCHO 954,635 2508h 2m 26h 30m
33 Avatar of RapiStSKiLLeR2K RapiStSKiLLeR2K 936,008 2897h 19m 33h 8m
34 Avatar of ♀SL♀NinjaGirl ♀SL♀NinjaGirl 928,075 2850h 46m 29h 39m
35 Avatar of Mr. N.M.P.D Mr. N.M.P.D 923,541 4190h 16m 17h 39m
36 Avatar of Scary Scary 908,228 2607h 20m 20h 47m
37 Avatar of PoliceDom PoliceDom 906,558 4845h 34m 52h 40m
38 Avatar of kaguya kaguya 902,973 1507h 7m 50h 35m
39 Avatar of RUVER RUVER 900,789 4416h 12m 6h 2m
40 Avatar of BAADF00D BAADF00D 895,724 2317h 50m 3h 2m
41 Avatar of Kuchen Party Kuchen Party 878,994 2038h 37m 30h 49m
42 Avatar of DoC DoC 863,474 2206h 2m 39h 9m
43 Avatar of 翔鶴太太 翔鶴太太 848,873 2346h 14m 36h 59m
44 Avatar of NORRRRRRR NORRRRRRR 842,621 1622h 38m 0h 0m
45 Avatar of FiB. Lomb@ FiB. Lomb@ 828,447 2463h 38m 25h 24m
46 Avatar of ₱αтн パス ₱αтн パス 824,492 2173h 22m 58h 23m
47 Avatar of D_K@L [FR] D_K@L [FR] 819,730 3208h 9m 55h 38m
48 Avatar of toge toge 817,911 2642h 53m 35h 9m
49 Avatar of Scuddles Scuddles 812,130 1965h 12m 0h 0m
50 Avatar of Kamizzzu Kamizzzu 790,817 2091h 36m 27h 6m
51 Avatar of S3NT1N8L S3NT1N8L 787,086 2148h 53m 5h 47m
52 Avatar of Mitejutrix Mitejutrix 776,088 1702h 14m 44h 8m
53 Avatar of Hery Hery 773,067 2901h 53m 33h 47m
54 Avatar of Verdori Verdori 772,974 2048h 46m 15h 55m
55 Avatar of +Tumbz +Tumbz 772,382 1512h 45m 17h 31m
56 Avatar of Kichacz Kichacz 768,570 2057h 52m 34h 54m
57 Avatar of Flash Gordon Flash Gordon 764,189 1482h 28m 0h 0m
58 Avatar of YOUR MOTHER YOUR MOTHER 756,135 1929h 59m 49h 15m
59 Avatar of 惡幼女 惡幼女 754,235 2402h 49m 28h 16m
60 Avatar of ☭ Alastor ☭ ☭ Alastor ☭ 748,232 1578h 7m 29h 58m
61 Avatar of Rumplestiltskin [fr] Rumplestiltskin [fr] 738,070 2169h 3m 0h 0m
62 Avatar of Pinkman Pinkman 737,630 1488h 27m 39h 6m
63 Avatar of Tokisaki Ivan Tokisaki Ivan 734,982 1679h 22m 32h 49m
64 Avatar of BlackWolf-QC BlackWolf-QC 734,473 2660h 36m 0h 0m
65 Avatar of Dr. Lin Dr. Lin 734,102 1763h 3m 28h 0m
66 Avatar of MR nokia L MR nokia L 732,061 1585h 47m 37h 25m
67 Avatar of H.Grunt H.Grunt 715,936 1467h 59m 5h 34m
68 Avatar of Up Up 710,336 1514h 37m 21h 47m
69 Avatar of RON JEREMY RON JEREMY 707,065 1281h 42m 4h 16m
70 Avatar of takashio takashio 706,013 1867h 40m 0h 0m
71 Avatar of Uncle Albert Uncle Albert 703,529 1660h 13m 33h 15m
72 Avatar of Emperor of Rice Emperor of Rice 694,688 1605h 24m 84h 36m
73 Avatar of V i P V i P 693,738 2821h 21m 0h 0m
74 Avatar of BatYsaU BatYsaU 691,407 2454h 15m 5h 53m
75 Avatar of The Wanderer The Wanderer 691,382 2809h 40m 51h 24m
76 Avatar of Denis Denis 686,934 2021h 58m 23h 48m
77 Avatar of Mkol Mkol 681,807 1092h 8m 59h 12m
78 Avatar of Rookie Rookie 681,350 1423h 33m 0h 16m
79 Avatar of ThermidorMoon ThermidorMoon 680,460 1740h 0m 2h 4m
80 Avatar of Pumba Pumba 677,658 1809h 46m 35h 48m
81 Avatar of Ta Ke P Ta Ke P 677,350 3088h 50m 29h 3m
82 Avatar of rebeLdanceR rebeLdanceR 676,449 1874h 47m 26h 17m
83 Avatar of Ned Ned 670,584 1455h 27m 4h 42m
84 Avatar of Nix Nix 670,448 1487h 32m 5h 20m
85 Avatar of Narukami Charge❗ Narukami Charge❗ 669,477 890h 12m 0h 0m
86 Avatar of sion sion 669,046 1880h 36m 25h 29m
87 Avatar of ❄Snowblind❄ ❄Snowblind❄ 666,320 1594h 22m 10h 30m
88 Avatar of Ohimesamasaikou Ohimesamasaikou 665,017 2163h 16m 0h 0m
89 Avatar of (LOTH) BLooDHoG (LOTH) BLooDHoG 664,020 1907h 58m 28h 23m
90 Avatar of Nik Nik 663,874 2111h 45m 9h 2m
91 Avatar of Vampiro Vampiro 657,825 1473h 18m 56h 8m
92 Avatar of Lily Lily 655,470 2182h 40m 0h 5m
93 Avatar of CrazyDutchman CrazyDutchman 651,741 1674h 39m 118h 31m
94 Avatar of Mara Jadewind Mara Jadewind 651,721 2041h 55m 30h 45m
95 Avatar of Akathiiro313 (AFK) Akathiiro313 (AFK) 648,709 2543h 36m 6h 5m
96 Avatar of Regis Artimus Regis Artimus 648,269 1872h 46m 34h 18m
97 Avatar of 【BlueFire】 【BlueFire】 647,136 2128h 33m 31h 37m
98 Avatar of NWHD NWHD 646,590 1876h 25m 0h 0m
99 Avatar of JotaK JotaK 645,476 1552h 58m 50h 58m
100 Avatar of Spike Rus Spike Rus 643,287 1518h 41m 35h 16m