Zeds Killed Leaderboard

# User Value Overall Last 2 Weeks
1 Avatar of Belzec Belzec 5,570,804 1860h 42m 15h 12m
2 Avatar of Krim Son Krim Son 4,295,085 2283h 47m 24h 16m
3 Avatar of CODENAME 187 CODENAME 187 2,009,257 4514h 22m 142h 12m
4 Avatar of Rolek (Ger) Rolek (Ger) 1,931,088 4443h 30m 78h 17m
5 Avatar of Kota Kota 1,715,387 3896h 26m 22h 49m
6 Avatar of alf alf 1,641,654 3862h 16m 36h 44m
7 Avatar of Fulgore Fulgore 1,624,537 3927h 32m 47h 47m
8 Avatar of ℍ U ℕ ナ E ℝ ℍ U ℕ ナ E ℝ 1,586,347 5130h 36m 59h 4m
9 Avatar of Vert Vert 1,516,163 3893h 45m 7h 40m
10 Avatar of \_O< Rico601 \_O< \_O< Rico601 \_O< 1,505,793 4587h 9m 22h 55m
11 Avatar of VicMorrow VicMorrow 1,502,490 2917h 57m 58h 3m
12 Avatar of tizeY tizeY 1,469,679 2947h 12m 27h 41m
13 Avatar of eRa eRa 1,440,733 3038h 40m 8h 30m
14 Avatar of Q3Cloud Q3Cloud 1,353,072 2987h 52m 0h 47m
15 Avatar of 快给长者续一秒 快给长者续一秒 1,352,862 3781h 59m 35h 1m
16 Avatar of zachjd zachjd 1,330,897 2906h 34m 0h 0m
17 Avatar of Mr.BEAN Mr.BEAN 1,315,003 3016h 10m 117h 12m
18 Avatar of JEMzor JEMzor 1,303,347 2426h 32m 39h 33m
19 Avatar of you do not get any money you do not get any money 1,281,426 2666h 48m 70h 2m
20 Avatar of {SS}_Jim236 {SS}_Jim236 1,232,973 3701h 12m 42h 50m
21 Avatar of 餐云卧石任此生。丶 餐云卧石任此生。丶 1,230,447 3160h 41m 62h 36m
22 Avatar of LZ 129 LZ 129 1,218,513 2915h 8m 28h 59m
23 Avatar of om3g4_z3r0 om3g4_z3r0 1,216,523 2759h 16m 49h 35m
24 Avatar of GoRE 0f W4R GoRE 0f W4R 1,150,263 2159h 58m 65h 10m
25 Avatar of 714d 714d 1,133,097 4521h 39m 36h 56m
26 Avatar of [Z.E.T.]-SparKle- [Z.E.T.]-SparKle- 1,128,771 2446h 29m 10h 3m
27 Avatar of Gorodetsky Gorodetsky 1,117,382 2860h 34m 67h 59m
28 Avatar of Lapis Lapis 1,106,954 3685h 44m 22h 13m
29 Avatar of petri petri 1,060,618 2787h 35m 0h 0m
30 Avatar of RapiStSKiLLeR2K RapiStSKiLLeR2K 1,054,297 3205h 47m 111h 28m
31 Avatar of dandyboy66 dandyboy66 1,043,395 4207h 33m 3h 37m
32 Avatar of FiB. 84GH33R4_9R0593R FiB. 84GH33R4_9R0593R 1,012,039 1981h 11m 8h 46m
33 Avatar of Neetyash Neetyash 1,003,466 2398h 17m 9h 44m
34 Avatar of Kuchen Party Kuchen Party 999,992 2212h 53m 32h 2m
35 Avatar of S@NCHO S@NCHO 986,192 2581h 0m 17h 18m
36 Avatar of mbnq mbnq 980,258 3035h 39m 19h 33m
37 Avatar of Lch Liebe Dich Lch Liebe Dich 971,676 2723h 12m 37h 39m
38 Avatar of HappyWitch HappyWitch 958,549 2993h 12m 22h 6m
39 Avatar of Mr. Sexy Sac Basket Mr. Sexy Sac Basket 952,686 4292h 37m 11h 21m
40 Avatar of ♀SL♀The Witch ♀SL♀The Witch 945,144 2904h 38m 11h 1m
41 Avatar of PoliceDom PoliceDom 933,425 5066h 55m 63h 21m
42 Avatar of Scary Scary 932,670 2692h 51m 16h 41m
43 Avatar of Dr.Lin Dr.Lin 931,078 2078h 46m 98h 3m
44 Avatar of Phoreal Phoreal 927,767 2633h 38m 25h 8m
45 Avatar of ₱αтн パス ₱αтн パス 923,787 2386h 22m 39h 49m
46 Avatar of RUVER RUVER 911,731 4508h 45m 22h 3m
47 Avatar of 翔鶴太太 翔鶴太太 902,573 2456h 59m 5h 18m
48 Avatar of BAADF00D BAADF00D 898,297 2324h 3m 3h 53m
49 Avatar of toge toge 896,832 2906h 20m 70h 58m
50 Avatar of DoC DoC 893,589 2410h 40m 43h 9m
51 Avatar of FiB. Lomb@ FiB. Lomb@ 887,714 2572h 42m 12h 2m
52 Avatar of Mkol Mkol 879,512 1260h 29m 35h 41m
53 Avatar of NORRRRRRR NORRRRRRR 858,232 1652h 35m 5h 42m
54 Avatar of D_K@L [FR] D_K@L [FR] 839,672 3429h 56m 62h 33m
55 Avatar of CrazyDutchman CrazyDutchman 837,426 2159h 4m 48h 57m
56 Avatar of Kamizzzu Kamizzzu 834,283 2193h 33m 54h 53m
57 Avatar of +Tumbz +Tumbz 831,114 1616h 39m 90h 15m
58 Avatar of YOUR MOTHER YOUR MOTHER 829,872 2133h 23m 39h 1m
59 Avatar of Pierro Pierro 822,711 2455h 23m 48h 13m
60 Avatar of 惡幼女 惡幼女 820,518 2617h 8m 49h 48m
61 Avatar of Scuddles Scuddles 819,329 1986h 43m 6h 7m
62 Avatar of Meow Meow 819,300 1691h 28m 104h 27m
63 Avatar of Pinkman Pinkman 819,041 1652h 42m 44h 35m
64 Avatar of Mitejutor Mitejutor 816,240 1775h 49m 15h 44m
65 Avatar of ☭ Alastor ☭ ☭ Alastor ☭ 815,140 1694h 44m 14h 32m
66 Avatar of S3NT1N8L S3NT1N8L 803,461 2210h 8m 14h 10m
67 Avatar of Hery Hery 799,815 2982h 16m 0h 0m
68 Avatar of Busfahrer Kevin. Busfahrer Kevin. 796,894 2106h 15m 0h 0m
69 Avatar of Tokisaki Ivan Tokisaki Ivan 791,260 1794h 42m 33h 51m
70 Avatar of FiB. Reive FiB. Reive 789,370 2855h 12m 52h 23m
71 Avatar of Xezor Xezor 780,886 997h 45m 47h 51m
72 Avatar of Verdori Verdori 779,758 2065h 0m 13h 5m
73 Avatar of Snypr18 Snypr18 771,902 1428h 58m 28h 14m
74 Avatar of Angel & Demon Angel & Demon 768,011 1961h 9m 97h 33m
75 Avatar of Uncle Albert Uncle Albert 764,598 1774h 46m 5h 22m
76 Avatar of Flash Gordon Flash Gordon 764,189 1482h 28m 0h 0m
77 Avatar of Denis Denis 762,894 2185h 29m 62h 28m
78 Avatar of ✨RyuViL✨ ✨RyuViL✨ 758,750 5428h 31m 66h 4m
79 Avatar of BatYsaU BatYsaU 756,294 2590h 11m 23h 27m
80 Avatar of S5yn3T #RemoveRandomCrits S5yn3T #RemoveRandomCrits 749,961 1374h 26m 0h 0m
81 Avatar of A Wild Magikarp A Wild Magikarp 749,705 2297h 14m 6h 50m
82 Avatar of MR nokia L MR nokia L 749,399 1618h 47m 4h 33m
83 Avatar of 笺笛 笺笛 741,680 1647h 29m 53h 7m
84 Avatar of Emperor of Rice Emperor of Rice 739,068 1698h 9m 0h 0m
85 Avatar of -dAn- -dAn- 738,658 1409h 36m 47h 34m
86 Avatar of Rumplestiltskin [fr] Rumplestiltskin [fr] 738,070 2169h 3m 0h 0m
87 Avatar of H.Grunt H.Grunt 737,826 1511h 1m 6h 52m
88 Avatar of rebeLdanceR rebeLdanceR 736,515 1981h 41m 4h 38m
89 Avatar of BlackWolf-QC BlackWolf-QC 734,473 2660h 36m 0h 0m
90 Avatar of Pumba Pumba 732,736 1957h 20m 37h 12m
91 Avatar of Sraigius Sraigius 723,857 1446h 38m 61h 7m
92 Avatar of ✠ KindAustrianPainter ϟϟ ✠ KindAustrianPainter ϟϟ 723,633 3013h 42m 21h 58m
93 Avatar of Potato's Slayer Potato's Slayer 720,681 1178h 7m 21h 45m
94 Avatar of Up Up 720,419 1540h 55m 26h 17m
95 Avatar of Derision。` Derision。` 719,502 2174h 53m 60h 52m
96 Avatar of RON JEREMY RON JEREMY 718,762 1317h 29m 1h 15m
97 Avatar of Ohara 3 R1NN3 Ohara 3 R1NN3 716,702 2695h 53m 60h 43m
98 Avatar of (LOTH) BLooDHoG (LOTH) BLooDHoG 715,048 2035h 17m 55h 39m
99 Avatar of BXBabuinator of Dunces BXBabuinator of Dunces 714,008 1523h 57m 58h 14m
100 Avatar of Ta Ke P Ta Ke P 709,848 3281h 48m 33h 41m